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Ten Fun Facts About Me!

- I actually have a bucket list, and one thing on it is to visit all 50 states; I've only hit about 20% of them so far!

- I have a daughter that was born in July of 2021. She's my double rainbow and my pride and joy!

- I rode and competed with horses for a major portion of my teen years.

- I have 6 nieces and 3 nephews (who are my life!).

- Chocolate is my weakness!

- My favorite beyond favorite adventure was travelling to Thailand; I loved everything about it, the culture, the music, the food - everything!

- Fall is my favorite season - I LOVE apple orchards and pumpkin patches!

- My official aunt name is 'Aunta'; my one niece couldn't say 'Aunt Alicia', so she simply combined them into one name, and it has stuck ever since.

- I like multiple different types of music, from country, to pop, to R&B, to some classic rock, to some alternative rock, and more. Although, my all time favorite that will always put me in a good mood is 80's hits.

- Lastly, thinking of 10 fun facts about me was harder than it should have been, and I think that's because I don't spend too much time thinking about myself. I worry way to much about my family and friends. I'm a HUGE worry-wart.

PC: Miranda Parker Photography

Full Bio

My name is Alicia, I'm from Mount Pleasant, MI, but currently reside in Shepherd, MI. I graduated from Mount Pleasant High School, and went onto college at Northwood University. I graduated from there in May 2017, with my BBA; majors in Accounting & Business Management, and a minor in Management Information Systems. I pursued the accounting portion of my degree, and I currently work as an Assistant Plant Controller for a manufacturing facility in Farwell, MI.

Although none of this has to do with photography, I've always loved capturing moments, and having my camera at the ready, even if it was just a phone. I don't do things at 50%; when I get into something, I am driven to pursue perfection with it. And that's what is currently happening with me and photography. I enjoy capturing moments during Fresh 48 sessions, Births, Couples, Engagements, and Surprise Proposals! Although Weddings have completely stolen my heart.

I am taking VERY limited sessions/weddings at this stage in life. Being a mom is my first priority, followed by my career. So in order to properly accommodate timelines and such, I do not take on very many sessions these days. Be sure to reach out though, to inquire just in case!

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